Airwirl Portable Air Conditioning: This Mug Is Actually An Air Conditioner

The Airwirl delivers a compact source of cool air or warm air wherever life takes you. This device is only as big as your favorite coffee mug so it won’t add any bulge to your belongings. For cool air, just add a couple of ice cubes and twist on the cap.

After you turn the device on, it’ll start letting out cool air. This is perfect for anyone that loves doing outdoor activities like hiking or camping. It gives you a small sense of relief from the unrelenting heat without you having to retreat back inside.

Airwirl Portable Air Conditioning

For warm air, just insert a heat pack and twist the cap once again. Throughout all seasons of the year, there’s definitely a place where this compact air conditioner can fit right in.


Also, this is perfect for anyone who’s constantly on the go for whatever reason that may be. Wherever you may be feeling uncomfortable, you can just turn this device on and get your temperature back to where you want it.

This mug is a portable air conditioner

It’s also battery operated so you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to plug it in. Just keep a couple of batteries at your side and your good to go.

This Mug Is Actually An Air Conditioner

With the Airwirl on your side, you’ll always have comfort in the palm of your hand.

Airwirl Mug


This mug is actually an air conditioner.

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