AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit: Transform your Halloween Decorations

Need something that’ll transform your Halloween decorations? The AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit will surely make your house stand out in the neighborhood.

It’s a highly-powered projector that showcases transparent haunting videos wherever you need a good spook.

You can display the video along a window, through a doorway, on a wall, or wherever else you’d like. It’s surely all up to your imagination.


It comes with free Halloween imagery from a variety of different movies and television shows. This includes Night Stalkers, Macabre Mansion, and Bone Chillers.

If you aren’t into Halloween, don’t fret. The projector comes with videos for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Easter as well.

AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit

The projector showcases sharp images that are incredibly realistic. It’s a high-quality standard definition projector that’ll surely have your guests wondering if the ghosts and goblins are real.

Since it’s remote controlled, you can relax nearby while it’s scaring your house guests.

AtmosFX Digital Halloween Decorating Kit

This kit also comes with a tripod. This will keep your videos steady throughout the night. There’s nothing worse than having your projection fall in the middle of a party. No matter what holiday you want to celebrate, this projector will make the event unforgettable.

The AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit brings holiday decorating into the future.


AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit

This company makes holographic Halloween decorations.

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