BaboCush Vibrating Bed Soothes Babies From Crying

The BaboCush gives your baby a soothing and comforting place to relax and rest. It’s a vibrating rocking bed that helps your little one relieve many different negative effects.

There’s also heartbeat sounds within the vibration so your baby can feel just as relaxed as they feel in your arms.

This bed helps babies relieve gas pain so you can put them on it directly after feeding without discomfort.


It also prevents crying from colic, since it holds your child just as securely as you do. Since you can adjust the incline of the bed, you can help your baby prevent acid reflux.

BaboCush Vibrating Pad

Using this bed is also better than letting your child fall asleep slumped over in a car seat or a bouncer. This vibrating bed holds your baby in a natural, relaxed position.


This is a baby shower gift that any mom or dad to-be would absolutely adore. It’s a lovely bed that’ll help you and your baby work through many common problems.

BaboCush Vibrating Bed Soothes Babies From Crying

It’s also specially made for newborns so you can use it as soon as possible. This bed also is great for tummy time and reduces flat head syndrome.

The BaboCush keeps your baby comforted and secure at all times.

BaboCush Bed For Baby


This vibrating bed soothes baby from crying.

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