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Bone Shaped Dog Pool

Your dog deserves the finer things in life, just like you. This Bone Shaped Dog Pool will have your dog feeling like primped, pampered, and relaxed as they should be. Filling up and draining out the pool is easy. It holds about 85 pounds of water. That certainly makes it deep enough for dogs of many sizes to enjoy fully.

You can just fill it up with a regular garden hose. Because of the brass cap at the underbelly of the pool, draining the pool is a quick and easy process. No more having to turn over the pool. Who wants to get wet for no reason? Just unscrew the cap and wait for all the water to leak out.

It keeps your furry friend cool in the summertime because of the UV resistance. That undeniably makes it the perfect place for your dog to relax in the heat. It’s made of the strong heavy-duty material that truck bed liners use. This makes it extremely sturdy and able to withstand a lot of use.

For example, it’s resistant to chews in case your dog loves this pool a little too much. The Dog Bone Pool is strong enough to be used for multiple summers and will provide fun for years and years to come.

Bone Shaped Dog Pool

Give your dog a taste of luxury in the warm days of summer.

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