CleanseBot: This Bacteria Killing Robot Cleans Your Bed Sheets

Do you often get sick during traveling, or shortly after you get back home? This is often because you’re exposed to more bacteria and germs than you’re accustomed to in your everyday life. There may even be lingering bacteria or germs in your hotel room, and you’re not even aware of it. This is where the CleanseBot comes in.

It uses the power of four UV-C lights to completely sanitize and disinfect all of the hotel’s surfaces, including your bed. Just set the robot on your bed, press a button, and the bot disinfects your bedsheets and blankets for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. It’s completely up to you.

Don’t worry about the robot becoming stuck or falling off of the bed. There are 18 sensors on the robot. This makes sure it never stops cleaning surfaces.

Use it in your home as well to disinfect things like your cell phone, your child’s toys, and your TV remotes.

Additionally, the robot works as a power bank as well. Just use the USB port to power any of your favorite devices.


It’s surely the perfect gift to give to anyone who loves to travel. It not only disinfects unknown surfaces. It’s also an extremely powerful power bank as well!

The CleanseBot is a necessary companion for every eager traveler.

A Robot that cleans your bedsheets

This robot cleans your bed sheets.

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