Coolin’ Pet Cot: This Outdoor Dog Lounger Stores Cold Water

You may have a nice, relaxing lounger to stay cool with during the spring and summer, but shouldn’t your dog have a nice place to relax as well? Meet the Coolin’ Pet Cot.

Its number one focus is keeping your pet cool and comfortable. It accomplishes this goal in a ton of different ways.

First, it keeps your pet raised above the ground so the air can circulate around them. It also provides a ton of joint relief for your pet.

Coolin’ Pet Cot

The cooling pad within the cot can be filled with tap water so your pet can be comforted by the ease of water. The water also adds extra padding.

Whether inside or outside, you can provide a perfect sanctuary for your pet. But, if you love to take your pet camping or even out in the backyard this lounger would be absolutely perfect for you.

Coolin’ Pet Cot

The sturdy frame can hold dogs up to 200 pounds. This makes it perfect for your furry friend no matter what the size.

Coolin’ Pet Cot: This Outdoor Dog Lounger Stores Cold Water

It’s also super easy to store away or set up and doesn’t require any tools to do so. To clean the cot, just wipe it with a damp cloth or hose it down if you’re outdoors.

To keep your pet as cool as possible, you’ve got to get the Coolin’ Pet Cot.

Coolin' Pet Cot

This outdoor dog lounger stores cold water.

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