EXIT Pool Stone Cover: This Pool Turns Into an Indoor Pool

Looking for a refreshing dip in the pool no matter what the weather may be? The EXIT Pool Stone Cover protects you while you’re taking a dip and turns an outdoor pool into an indoor pool.

Whether you’re dealing with a dreary, rainy day or an incredibly sunny one, you can use this pool cover to enjoy your pool through it all.

It protects you from the harmful UV rays that are coming from the sun. It also protects you from the rain as well.

EXIT Pool Stone Cover

Whether you have the cover on or off, it’s very easy to get in and out of the pool. This is thanks to the zippable windows that are all around the cover.

EXIT Pool Cover

Additionally, using this cover ensures that no dirt or debris will get into your pool while you’re away from it. This means that you’ll be spending less time cleaning your pool and more time relaxing inside of it.


Also, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable way to heat your pool then this cover will be perfect for you.

Exit Stone pool cover

The heat of the sun gets trapped inside of the dome and heats your pool for you. You’ll be able to take control of your pool so you can use it the way that you want to.

With the EXIT Pool Stone Cover, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool no matter what happens with the weather.

EXIT Pool Stone Cover

EXIT Pool Cover

This pool turns into an indoor pool.

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