Fugu Luggage: The World’s First Expandable Suitcase

Making it through the airport can be a real headache. This one suitcase caters to all your needs at once. Meet the Fugu Luggage.

It’s the only piece of luggage to transform from a carry-on to a check-in suitcase. All that’s standing between you and the transformation is a quick electric plug-in.

The luggage comes with collapsible, removable shelves that you can use to store all of your things no matter where you stay.

Fugu Luggage

It expands to the height of a table so you can use it for a world of different things. Need a place to send off those work emails? Need to touch up your make-up? This suitcase can provide a stable place to do it all no matter where you are.

With this unique piece of luggage, you’re going to save a lot of time at the airport. No longer do you have to wait in two lines in order to check in both of your bags. You’ve now got one bag for it all.

FUGU Collapsible Luggage

It also saves you money, because you won’t have to pay to check in that suitcase. Also, if you run into any unexpected purchases while you’re on the trip you have enough room to fit it in the bag you already have.

Simplify your travel experience with a piece of FUGU Luggage.


Expandable Suitcase

Expandable suitcase converts from carry-on to check-in bag.

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