Gorilla Gripper: Haul Large Panels of Wood or Drywall With Ease

The Gorilla Gripper helps you pick up large pieces of wood and drywall like they’re pieces of paper. Picking up these heavy pieces of wood puts tons of stress on your body.

When you’re picking up things that are that heavy, you should make sure that you’re doing all that you can preserve your health and wellness.

Your back will definitely thank you as you incorporate this device into your routine.

Gorilla Gripper

The magic of this gripper is the position that it holds the wood. It locks onto it from the top and provides you enough leverage to get these pieces of wood around safely.

Just lug it around on your side with the proper handle. You’ll be able to handle your favorite DIY projects all by yourself.

Gorilla Gripper

It also provides full vision in front of the user. Most of the time when you’re moving a piece of wood that big, you tend to shield your vision without even knowing it.

Gorilla Gripper Saves Your Back

This gripper gives you the power to watch out for potential hazards around you. It self-adjusts to any type of thickness so you don’t have to worry about specializing it yourself.

Whether you’re a worker, contractor, or just a DIY’er, the Gorilla Gripper is going to save you stress, time, and money.

Gorilla Gripper

Gorilla Gripper

Haul around large panels of wood or drywall with ease.

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