Grasswalkers High Heel Covers: Walk on Grass Without Sinking

Imagine this: you’re planning on heading out to an amazing event so you buy some stellar heels to go with your gorgeous outfit. You get ready, head out to the event, and realize that it’s out on the grass. Now, you wonder how you’re going to survive the night when you know your heels are going to sink in the grass. What to do? Grasswalkers will give you the confidence that you need to strut anywhere that you go.

They’re a pair of transparent strips that you can stick on any heel that you can imagine.


They cover the entire bottom of your shoe so you can have a staple, secure place to walk on. It’s basically like having your own personal red carpet.

Grasswalkers High Heel Covers

Also, they are super easy to take off and won’t cause any damage to your heels.


Your favorite fashionista will thank you ten times over if you give them this as a gift.


Women around the world deal with this issue daily, and this is a product that solves that problem easily in just a couple of seconds. Just peel, stick, and go.

Have the confidence to strut in your favorite pair of heels with the Grasswalkers.

Grasswalkers For Your Heels


Walk on grass without sinking.

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