Hickies No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces: Shoe Lacing Is Over

Shoe lacing is out! These Hickies No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces are in! These simple, but genius little laces bring the future to your favorite kicks. You just put it into the holes of your shoes and snap them onto your feet. No tying needed. As a result, they turn all your favorite lace-up shoes into slip ons.

These no-tie laces would certainly be perfect for anyone who has limited use of their hands. For example, these would be wonderful for people with arthritis. Also, they come in various bright colors so you can always find a pair to match your most-loved shoes.

Hickies No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces

These elastic laces give you the power to ensure the perfect fit of your shoes. They improve the fit far better than regular laces. You control how you want the fit to be. Do you want them a little looser? Do you want them a little tighter?


These give you exactly what you want, and they stay throughout the day. In turn, they won’t unravel. Who likes to deal with re-tying their laces in the middle of the day? These elastic laces will surely never trip you. No matter what size shoe you wear, these laces fit.

Lace up the right way with Hickies’ No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces.

Shoe Lacing Is Over

Hickies No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Shoe lacing is over!

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