Hip’Air Hip Airbags: Shock-absorbing Pad that Prevents Injuries

The Hip’Air provides proactive protection against falls and prevents hip injuries. It’s essentially a wearable airbag that deploys when you’re about to fall. It contains sensors that know when you’re about to fall.

In less than a second, the safety device deploys and absorbs the impact. This device is also reusable. Whenever you fall, this device has the power to protect you multiple times.

It fits like a fanny pack, but it’s way more practical than its counterpart.

Hip’Air Hip Airbags

The use of velcro straps improves the fit. As a result, the device won’t move out of place during an emergency.

Before the Hip’Air went into production, the founder saw the debilitating effect that a broken hip had on a relative. Then, they began to work with a nursing home in France in order to develop this product.


After ten years of development, this smart device has finally come to fruition. These airbags are designed for the elderly, or anyone else who might have hip problems.

Helite Hip Air Bag

Also, hip injuries can drastically decrease a person’s quality of life.


You can’t anticipate a fall. Taking charge and being proactive can only help prevent hardships in the future.

Protect yourself against the fall with the Hip’Air.



This shock-absorbing pad is designed to prevent hip related injuries.

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