Human Wash: A Washing Machine For Washing Humans

The Human Wash brings the ease and power of a car wash down to a smaller size. It utilizes a large scrubbing brush that moves up and down the device. There are big buttons that control the brush making it very easy to use.

All you need to do is put soap on the brush, press the on button, and let the brush scrub your body.

The installation process is very straightforward. As a result, all you need is a shower for it to install it efficiently. Additionally, there’s a stop plate at the bottom of the device. With this stop plate, you can use your foot or hand to stop the washing process at any time.

Introducing the human car wash

This human washing machine would be fantastic to use in a variety of different places including nursing homes, swimming pools, and gyms.


Those who can’t wash themselves properly may be able to do so with this device. They would surely be able to shower by themselves without the help of a nurse.

This machine washes you... for you

Also, this device would be great for athletes who may want a machine-assisted showering experience to ease their sore muscles. This device has the power to change the lives of many different people.

Shower on your own terms with the Human Wash.

Human Wash
Human Wash

This is a human washing machine

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