iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Does your dog love to fetch? Do you get tired from throwing the ball over, over, and over again? Meet the iFetch. This device will throw the ball for you. You have the opportunity to teach your furry-legged friend how to play fetch with themselves.

It works just the same as your average tennis ball launcher. But, it’s the right size for your dog to work it all by themselves. They just have to drop the ball into the large hole of the device and wait for launch off. Whether you’re busy or just don’t want to do it, the iFetch can help you keep your dog happy.


No matter how much your dog loves to play fetch, this will meet all of your dog’s wildest fetch dreams. They’ll surely be able to get the exercise that they need wherever they are. It’s perfect for both outside and inside use.

Dog Ball Launcher

In addition, you can set it for 10, 20, or 30 feet so it can keep the play as safe as possible. Whichever length you’re comfortable with, this device can provide that experience for you and your pup. In essence, every dog needs this device. Your play will never be the same!

With the iFetch, your dog won’t ever get bored again.

iFetch Dog Ball Launcher

Your fetch-loving dog will never be bored again.

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