Kidsme Food Feeder: This Feeder Lets Baby Safely Explore New Foods

The Kidsme Food Feeder can help your child learn how to self-feed and independently explore new foods safely.

It’s essentially a pacifier that you can put soft foods such as fresh fruit and purees in. As the child sucks on the pacifier, they consume small amounts of food.

The child can then enjoy the flavor without any type of choking hazard. A childproof lock secures the food. That means there won’t be any mess for you to pick up.

Kidsme Food Feeder

Also, the child can explore self-feeding at their own pace. The feeder comes in various sizes that are built for the specific width of a baby’s mouth. Additionally, they come in a variety of adorable colors as well.

Kidsme Food Feeder

The unique design encourages chewing in a way that’s natural and comfortable for your baby. Also, the feeder contains a fruit holder that’s a great teething toy.

This Feeder Lets Baby Safely Explore New Foods

With a beautiful baby in the home, things can get quite messy from toys they play with to the food they eat. The FDA-approved silicone sac makes it super easy to clean.

With the Kidsme Food Feeder, your child can explore their own independence and learn about the world of foods in a fun and safe way.

Kidsme Food Feeder

Kidsme Food Feeder

This feeder lets baby safely and independently explore new foods.

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