LiftKits: Get Two Inches Taller Using these Shoe Insoles

The LiftKits shoe insoles give you two extra inches in height without anyone ever knowing. The insole slips into your favorite pair of kicks and gives you an extra boost of not only height but confidence.

The air bubble technology in these insoles makes them built for longtime wear.

These insoles can be worn for many different events like job interviews, dates, or other special events. Whenever you need an extra boost of confidence, these insoles will last through it all.


Depending on how much height you’d like to add to your stature, you can change the insole to fit perfectly for you. For example, there’s a half-inch piece that’s detachable. These insoles work best in shoes that have high heel support like dress boots, work boots, and high-top sneakers.

LiftKits: Get taller instantly without any surgery

But, these insoles don’t just change your appearance. They also have a positive effect on your health. They help distribute your weight to the ball of your foot instead of the heel. This helps align your spine and gives you better posture.

Get taller with LiftKits

Also, it reduces pain and pressure on your joints. The insoles are one-size-fits-all so you don’t have to worry about trying to find your own size if you choose to bring one of these insoles back home.

The best shoe insoles you never knew you needed are surely LiftKits.

LiftKit Shoe Insoles


Get two inches taller with these shoe insoles.

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