LightCam: Upgrade Your Home Security with the Smart Lightbulb Camera

Are you looking for a way to give your home security an upgrade? The LightCam is a security camera that provides secure surveillance without having to drill holes or pay unnecessary fees.

It’s a security camera that anybody and everybody can utilize. It fits onto any light fixture whether that be outside or inside. You just twist it on.

This makes it perfect for people who live in apartments since the camera can be put on all lights.


This small camera provides clear crisp 1080p video that you can see straight from the app. In addition, night vision is available. It’s also adjustable so you can put the security camera at any angle that you’d like.

LightCam Home Security

The smart motion technology notifies you of events that matter to you such as packages and guests. It won’t notify you just because a leaf fell onto it. The best part about this security camera is that it comes to you with no strings attached.

Smart Lightbulb Camera

There are no contracts, monthly fees, or subscriptions that you have to worry about. You just buy the camera.

Lightbulb Camera

This is also the perfect gift to buy any new homeowner. It’s a cheap way to add some discrete security to your humble abode.

Keep an extra set of eyes on your home with the LightCam.

Hidden Lightbulb Camera


Upgrade your home security with this smart lightbulb camera.

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