LineCutterz: This Ring Cuts Fishing Line Safely and Quickly

After being showcased on the hit TV show Shark Tank, LineCutterz have completely redefined how to fish. This unique tool cuts fishing line quickly and helps you save time so you can get back to what you love, being back on the water.

The ring has a sharp blade that can cut many different types of fishing line. This makes it super portable and convenient.

Whenever you need to cut your fishing line, the blade is right on your finger.


The crisp stainless steel blade is extremely durable. You will be using it for all of your future fishing trips. Also, this tool has a comfortable Velcro strap. You can then put it on your fishing rod if you’d like.


This ring comes in many different colors. If you’d like to match it with your fishing rod, then you surely have that option available to you.

LineCutterz Fishing Ring

No matter what type of fisher you are, this tool will be valuable to you. From kayak fishing to ocean fishing, this tool makes the process easier and gets you to the fish faster.

LineCutterz Ring

Additionally, it’s a great gift for those who enjoy the outdoors. It’s compact and won’t take as much space as a knife would.

With LineCutterz on your finger, cutting fishing line will be as simple as life out on the water.

LineCutterz: This Ring Cuts Fishing Line Safely and Quickly


Cut through a fishing line with your finger.

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