Little ELF: Cut Wrapping Paper Straight Every Time

Cutting wrapping paper can be such a struggle. The wrapping paper often ends up lopsided which leads to gifts that look less than perfect. The Little ELF gives you the power to cut a perfect piece of wrapping paper every time.

This circular tool has a razor built into it that easily cuts any type of wrapping paper. Just place it around any tube of wrapping paper and just slide it down to cut.

No more having to deal with finicky scissors or sharp utility knives. This wrapping paper cutter is a much safer way to get a perfect piece of paper every time.

Little ELF

If you give gifts, then you definitely need this nearby. It’ll save you a ton of time and money by simplifying the process of wrapping gifts.

Little ELF

Also, this tool prevents paper waste. We’ve all had to cut wrapping paper time and time again because we’ve made a couple mistakes. This tool completes erases mistakes from the situation.

Little ELF Cut Wrapping Paper Easily

When you’re done wrapping your gifts, just place it over the tube of wrapping paper. This keeps the wrapping paper neat and organized for the next holiday that rolls around.

Holidays are a breeze with the Little ELF on your side.

Little ELF: Cut Wrapping Paper Straight Every Time

Little ELF Paper Cutter

Cut wrapping paper straight every time.

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