Mayku FormBox: Create Amazing 3D Molds In Just Seconds

The Mayku Formbox is a simple and quick way to start creating things inspired by your everyday life. You can turn everything around you into a 3D design from a banana laying on your countertop to one of your child’s toys.

This is a compact vacuum former that works straight out of the box. To get creating, first, select a piece of forming material and insert it into the box.

Then, place whatever 3D material you’d like to duplicate and place that on the bed of the form box.

Mayku FormBox

Switch the heater on to warm up the forming material. Then pull that material over your base and switch the vacuum on to create your 3D creation.

From there, you can utilize it to create a mold for another product or create a new and final piece of your creation.

Mayku FormBox 3D

This incredible tool would be a great gift for any designer or creator in your life. This is the perfect way to step into the world of manufacturing without having to in a large investment in your business.

Also, if you just like to make things on the weekend, then this would be great for you as well.

Mayku FormBox: Create Amazing 3D Molds In Just Seconds

With the Mayku Formbox, you can finally bring your amazing ideas into reality.

Make 3D Molds Out of Any Object

Mayku FormBox

Create 3D molds in just seconds.

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