NadiaLabs Turbo Stool: This Will Change Your Entire Toilet Experience

Everybody poops. It’s what equalizes us all as people. But, wouldn’t you want to make your pooping experience as comfortable as possible? The NadiaLabs Turbo Stool does just that.

It brings you up into a squatting position that makes bowel movements easier on your body.

Scientific studies show that this posture straightens you out so it’s easier to pass bowel movements. That makes this stool perfect for people who deal with chronic constipation.

NadiaLabs Turbo Stool

But, this stool goes above and beyond to make sure that you have the best pooping experience possible. It even has a foot massager built into the stool. The foot massager hits the pressure points in the sole of your foot and helps your body relax.

The four adjustable sizes gives you multiple options to find the position that works best for you. Some people will be more comfortable on the toilet in different postures than others. It all depends on your body and what’s right for you.

NadiaLabs Turbo Stool

It’s also designed to be easy to store. It fits right under the toilet bowl so it can be out the way while you do your other bathroom duties.

If you poop, you need this stool. Fit the NadiaLabs Turbo Stool into your bathroom routine and your colon will thank you in the long run.

NadiaLabs Turbo Stool

Turbo Toilet Stool

This will change your entire pooping experience.

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