Nailbot: Print Custom Art On Your Nails Quickly And Easily

Do you love having unique and quirky nails? The Nailbot will print any design that you’d like on your nails. From emojis to unicorns to strawberries, they all can be printed on your fingernails within seconds.

First, apply a lightly-colored base coat. These light colors will make the art pop against your nails so they can be easily noticeable.

Then, use the complimentary smartphone application to choose what you’d like to print on your nails.


Finally, in five seconds, the design will print on your nail. It’s that simple! Whether you put it on all of your nails or just one, it’s surely a style that’s completely yours.

Nailbot Custom Art

You can even take pictures from your phone and print those on your nails as well. Who else can say that they have a selfie printed on their nails? Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you’ll be able to use this app to create once in a lifetime manicures that everyone will love.

Nailbot Printer

This would be a great gift for girls young and old. Everyone loves a great manicure, and this device gives you the opportunity to create on in the comfort of your own home.

Personalize your nail art with The Nailbot.

Nailbot Custom Art Printer

Preemadonna Nailbot

Print custom art on your nails in just seconds.

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