Outward Hound Dog Bowl: This Will Make Your Dog Eat Slower

Does your dog eat their food like they’re running a race? That may be doing more harm that it is good. The Outward Hound Dog Bowl uses a unique design to make your dog eat slower, and in turn, aid their digestion.

There are three different bowl sizes built for three different dog sizes. Choose from large, small, and extra small to pick one that’s perfect for your puppy. It can be hard to maintain your dog’s portion sizes.

The bowl’s maze pushes the dog to their food and maneuvers their mouth in various ways.

Outward Hound Dog Bowl

Also, using this dog bowl helps your furry friend fight against common problems like bloating and dog obesity.

This Dog Bowl Will Make Your Dog Eat Slower

Additionally, cleaning this dog bowl is a breeze. Just put it in the top rack of your dishwasher and it’ll come out looking brand new after the wash.

outward hound bowl

As a result, it’ll keep them away from all the dirt and germs that may be lingering around in their dog bowl. They also feature a slip-resistant base so it can stop tumbling over and sliding away.

Outward Hound Dog Bowl

With this dog bowl, your dog can then eat at a happy and healthy pace to aid their digestion and growth.

The Outward Hound Dog Bowl will make mealtime a ton easier.

Outward Hound Dog Bowl Fun Eating

Outward Hound Feeder Bowl

These bowls make your dog eat slower.

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