OWL Window Breaker: This Escape Tool Shatters Windows in a Snap

Nobody can predict when they’ll get into an emergency situation, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The OWL prepares you for a very real horror: being trapped in your car.

This window breaker uses a carbide tip to break your window in case of an emergency.

It’s as small as a credit card so it can fit between the glass of the window and the upper window crease. Then just pull the window breaker towards you, and release.

OWL Escape Card

You don’t have to use a ton of force in order to use this tool. Just flick it, and the glass will break. Then, you can get out of your car fast.

This compact device is five times more powerful than spring-loaded devices. It also works better than an old-fashioned hammer.

OWL card

If you drive, then you need the OWL at your side. When you’re in danger, you shouldn’t rely on old-time methods.

This Escape Tool Shatters Windows in a Snap

The OWL does the job fast so you can focus on your safety. This tool also includes a seat belt ripper. If you’d like, you can buy a holder with the device so you can stick this tool on your phone or your car visor. Then, you’ll have easy access to this tool whenever you need it.

With the OWL, you’ll be safe rather than sorry.

OWL Window Breaker

OWL Window Breaker

This escape tool shatters windows in a snap.

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