Pik-A-Poo Pooper Scooper: Clean Your Dog’s Mess Hands-Free

The Pik-A-Poo Pooper Scooper is not your average poop scooper. This amazing poop scooper makes the dirty deed easier and quicker. It can easily pick up poop from many different surfaces.

The enlarged jaws of the scooper make it perfect for picking it up in long grass. You won’t have to bend down again to pick up the poop. You wouldn’t want to get a big whiff of it anyway.

The scooper has a place to put a trash bag on the device so your hands stay as far away from the poop as possible.

Pik-a-Poo Pooper Scooper

It even works with grocery bags as well, being very eco-friendly reducing plastic waste. It’s made with nylon and aluminum so it’s specifically built to last long. Whatever dirty business your dog gets into, this scooper can surely pick it up with no problems.


Don’t spend endless amounts of money paying for someone else to clean your yard. With this, you can do it in minutes easily.

Pik-a-Poo Pooper Scooper

The improved trigger makes it easier to work than other pooper scoopers. As a result, the trigger makes it a perfect choice for people who have arthritis or other conditions that restrict hand movement.

Stop dreading your dog’s number 2s, and pick up the Pik-A-Poo Pooper Scooper.

Pik-A-Poo Pooper Scooper: Clean Your Dog’s Mess Hands-Free

Pik-A-Poo Pooper Scooper

Clean your dog’s mess at the press of a handle.

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