SpyFinder Pro: This Device Detects Hidden Cameras

Staying in a hotel or an Airbnb and wondering about your privacy? The SpyFinder Pro will help you find any hidden cameras that may be lying around in a new place.

This personal hand-held detector reveals all cameras that are undetectable to the naked eye.

It uses the reflection from the camera lens in order to locate where they are. The device detects cameras up to 45 feet away.

It finds many different types of cameras including wired, wireless, digital, analog, and fish-eye cameras.

SpyFinder Pro

It also finds cameras that are powered on and off. There are three different levels of LED lights that find camera lenses that may be behind different surfaces.

This Device Detects Hidden Cameras

This is great to use anywhere to make sure that you have your privacy. For example, you can use it in the dressing room while you’re shopping for clothes.

SpyFinder | Push, Scan and Find

Also, if you’re moving into an apartment with a roommate, you can check around for cameras as well.

Its compact size makes it easy to take with you anywhere that you go. Just take it out, press the on button, and sweep the room in order to find any potentially hidden cameras.

SpyFinder Pro Detects Hidden Cameras

With the SpyFinder Pro, you can ensure your privacy and maintain your peace of mind.

SpyFinder Pro

SpyFinder Pro

This device detects hidden cameras.

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