Avoid Spilling Gasoline With the SureCan

The SureCan provides a safer way for you to feed your machines. The nozzle dispenses gasoline from the bottom of the can. That way, you can just let gravity help you dispense the gasoline.

This gas can is not only safer for you, but it’s also eco-friendly as well. No longer will you accidentally spill gasoline onto the grass and hurt your plants.

Just rotate the adjustable nozzle, press the thumb trigger, and wait until the can fills up. It’s just that simple.

An easy, mess-free way to fuel your tools

Since you don’t have to bend over and dispense the gasoline, it reduces the stress on your back. The cap is also child proof to prevent any accidents.

This Gas Can makes refueling a breeze

When you use your typical gas can, you’re often spilling gasoline everywhere. That’s costing you your hard-earned money. With this specially designed gas can, you’re getting exactly your money’s worth.

No more mess from traditional gas cans

This is a great product for anyone who relies on gasoline-powered machines. Everything from lawnmowers to motorcycles needs gasoline. That makes this product a great necessity for many people.

SureCan makes refueling easy and mess free

The company also sells three different types of containers with this unique design: gas, kerosene, and diesel. Each is color-coordinated so you can keep these necessities organized and neatly separated from each other.

Dispense gasoline safely with the SureCan.


This can will help you save tons of money by not spilling gasoline on the ground.

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