Tubble Is an Inflatable Bathtub That Fits into Almost any Home

After a long day, there’s nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. But, what would you do if you could take that comfort with you wherever you go? The Tubble is an inflatable bathtub that you can take both inside and outside.

It’s the perfect way to have the comfort of a bath even if you don’t have one available to you.

It’s a comfortable size for most people as it’s able to hold about sixty gallons of water at a time.

Tubble Inflatable Bath

It can also withstand the typical parts of a bath including bath foam, bath oils, salt water, cold water, and hot water up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the tub, there are multiple features that create a relaxing experience. There’s a cup holder on the side of the tub that allows you to enjoy a lovely drink.

Tubble Bath

Also, there’s an ergonomic headrest to relax your muscles. After you’re done bathing, the tub drains easily using a drain hose.

Tubble Is an Inflatable Bathtub That Fits into Almost any Home

The tub easily deflates into a compact size. You can store it out of sight until you’re ready to take a bath once again. This portable bathtub gifts you a great bathing experience wherever life takes you.

With the Tubble nearby, you’ll always be able to enjoy a wonderful bath.


Tubble Inflatable Bathtub

This is an inflatable bathtub that fits into almost any home.

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