Tuxy: The Onesie That You Can Wear Anywhere

The Tuxy is the onesie for people who love the comfort of onesies, but hate the look of them. It comes in practical designs in order to make it look like you’re wearing two separate pieces of clothing.

There’s a bunch of large, practical pockets throughout the onesie that make it perfect for traveling, or just running errands around town. Wherever you go, you can take this onesie on for the ride.

Tuxy Onesie

There’s even a compact place where you can put your phone. In this pocket, there’s also an audio input so you won’t have headphone wires flying everywhere when you’re trying to take on the day. Can you say convenient?

It’s made of a super duper comfy material that’ll make you feel like you’re wearing pajamas instead of regular clothes. There’s even a custom hood with a high neckline so you can protect yourself in case of rain or snow.

The World's Best Onesie

This onesie would be perfect for anyone and everyone who loves comfortable clothes. Whether you’re a gym rat or love to relax, you’re going to adore the ease and comfort of this one-of-a-kind onesie. And, no matter where you go, no one’s going to know the difference.

Incorporate the Tuxy into your closet and you’ll never have to choose between practicality or comfort ever again.

Tuxy Onesie

This is a Onesie you would want to wear in public.

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