VEZO 360: Protect Your Car with the World’s Best Dash-Cam

Car lovers rejoice. If you’ve ever taken your whip around town and have been worried about accidents, door dings, hit and runs, etc, worry no more. The Vezo 360 is a new dash-cam engineered by ArVizon Inc. that provides exceptional security and protection to you and your car.

Easily installed onto the windshield of any car, the Vezo 360 records in 4k HD resolution, with two wide dual lenses capturing a full 360 degree field of view.

And It’s not just an awesome dashcam, It’s an awesome watchdog. It’s got a crime deterrent light that lets people know the Vezo 360 is watching when you’re away.

VEZO 360: Next generation Dash-cam

4G/LTE features link up with your phone and with its low power sensors can detect collisions and upload the footage straight to your phone, making insurance claims simple and straightforward.

This is the best dash-cam on earth

But it doesn’t have to just be incidental footage. The Vezo can function like a HD action cam too. So pull over somewhere scenic and snap a picture.

Dash-cam with built-in AI

The Vezo 360 also can also be optioned to have facial recognition AI. This unique AI is built in and scans the driver’s face for signs of drowsiness and can alert them to wake up if they start dozing off at the wheel.

This smart dash-cam records HD footage

There’s a ton of tech packed into this gadget. We didn’t even go through most of its features. So go check out the campaign for the full list and pick up a Vezo 360 while they’re on an early bird sale.

Vezo 360 is the world's smartest Dash-cam
VEZO 360

World’s first 4K 360 degree smart dash cam with AI drowsiness detection.

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