Wicked Ball: Smart Toy Your Pet Needs When Home Alone

Nobody loves to be alone. At least for a long time. Your pet is no exception. If you’re a cat or dog parent, you know well what leaving your furry friend home alone for long hours means—worries on your mind on the one hand, and changes in your pet’s behavior on the other. In fact, loneliness can make your furry friend aggressive, bored or anxious. But what can be done? Seems technology has already got the answer: Wicked Ball!

Cheerble has designed this smart ball to keep your pet active and happy while you are away. The ball rolls and bounces all by itself as if engaging your pet pal in a play fetch.

1st 100% automatic pet companion

The smart toy has 3 different modes—gentle, active, normal— which you can adjust to your pet’s fit. And setting it up is as easy as pie! All you need is to press one button…and Bob’s your uncle!

Smart Pet Toy will keep your dog entertained for hours

The ball has also what’s called an intelligent companion mode, which keeps your pet running but also gives it time for sweet nap.

And this is not the end of the story! If your pet loves water, Wicked Ball is going to be its playmate even in pool, since it’s totally waterproof!

Wicked Ball

And because the ball is so smart, it never gets stuck in any tight spot, which means you can trust it to hang out with your pet all the time you’re not around.

A smart ball for your pets

Happiness is what we all strive for. Your pet is no exception. Why not give your furry friend the small bundle of joy it deserves?

Bots dogs and cats can play with the Wicked Ball
Wicked Ball

A smart ball that will keep your pet happy and entertained when home alone.

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