Wigzi Dual Doggie Leash: Walk Two Dogs at the Same Time

Walking two dogs at the same time can get stressful fast. The Wigzi Dual Doggie Leash is absolutely perfect for walking two dogs. Each leash works individually. There are color-coded buttons connected to each leash that give you the power to lock and release each leash at will.

You can personalize the experience for each dog and make the daily walk as simple as possible. The leash turns 360 degrees around. Because of that, it’ll never tangle. You’ll never have to stop in order to de-tangle leashes.

Wigzi Dual Doggie Leash

The leashes are able to carry dogs up to 50 pounds. Also, each leash extends to ten feet. Whatever trouble your pups get into, you’ll be able to maintain control.

This leash would also be a great buy for dog sitters and others who work with dogs as a career. If you’re taking care of multiple dogs at a time, you’ll be able to walk them both. You only need one hand to use this leash.

Walk Two Dogs at the Same Time

Whether you need to open doors or carry a bag, you’ll have a free hand to do so. You’ll be able to save an as immense amount of time by walking two dogs with this device. Dog lovers need this leash.

The Wigzi Dual Doggie Leash makes walking multiple dogs as simple as strolling in the park.


Dual Doggie Leash

This leash will make walking 2 dogs a walk in the park.

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