ZipStitch: This Device Stitches You Up Without The Need For Stitches

The ZipStitch closes minor wounds without the need for stitching. Just clean the wound, place the laceration kit over the wound, and it’ll protect it. There is no pain that comes with using this tool and there’s no puncturing of the skin as well.

This closure is eight times more effective than your typical stitches. As a result, it leaves less scarring than stitches do. The medical-grade adhesive lasts for up to seven days and helps your wound heal properly.

This is an amazing device that stitch cuts in a non-invasive way.

This tool is a great choice to add to your first aid kit, whether it be for in the home or for outdoor activities. From hiking to fishing to camping, this closure can help you through a variety of different activities.

Easy way to Control the bleeding with Zipstitch

It goes much farther than using a regular Band-Aid. Band-Aids just cover the wound while this tool closes it altogether.

Best at-home alternative to stitches

This closure is extremely small so it fits compactly in a variety of different locations including the car, the kitchen, and a toolbox.

This could save you a trip to the hospital

With this closure, you can skip a trip to the ER and close small wounds no matter where you are. This closer has been tested in over a dozen clinical studies. It’s also been used in half a million surgical procedures to this day. Doctors and nurses trust this product, so you can too.

Stay prepared with the ZipStitch.


This device stitches you up without any actual stitches.

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