Zore X Smart Gun Lock Will Ensure Only You Fire Your Weapon

As a gun owner, your first priority is the safety of you and the ones that you love. The Zore X is a smart gun lock that above all keeps safety at the forefront. The lock fits onto any firearm and prevents anyone from charging it without your preset code.

But, this doesn’t mean that unlocking the gun is a long and frustrating experience. In an emergency situation, those extra seconds can be the difference between life and death.

Using this smart gun lock is the fastest way to go from locked to unlocked.

Zore X Smart Gun Lock Will Ensure Only You Fire Your Weapon

All you have to do is unlock the gun using a clicking system. Neither the direction that you turn the lock or where you start from matters.

This smart gun lock could reduce the number of accidental gun deaths

You can use it efficiently in zero visibility which as a result makes it great for home safety.

The Zore X Fits in Your Firearm

Every gun owner would benefit from using this smart gun lock. It would specifically be great for families with children since the locking mechanism is so intricate and powerful. You can choose up to 20 digits to lock your gun with.

Zore X Smart Gun Lock Could Save Lives

Also, you can go up to 9 clicks for each digit in order to make the code as complicated as you would like it to be.

Put your family’s safety first with the Zore X.

This smart gun lock will ensure only you fire your weapon - and no one else.

Zore X

This smart gun lock could save lives.

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